What’s On My Reading List

Currently, I have three different reading lists.
My “what I need to read to teach” pile.
My “what I consider fun” pile.
And finally, my “homeschooling & growth” pile.

The last few years my reading has been painfully almost non-existent. But as the girls are a bit more self-sufficient and “superviseable,” I’ve been able to sneak in some more pages the last 4 months than I have the last 18.

What I’ve read so far:
The Lifegiving Home I actually listened to this last year but needed a hard copy. And then I reread it. You can read that review here.
The Complete Gardener, Monty Don He is the British, gardening version of Mr. Rogers, and I adore him. I loved reading this book.
The Complete Language of Flowers Everyone reads book encyclopedias right? I can’t wait to get the other 2 books in the set.
The Herbal Apothecary I’ve reached a point where I generally know the uses for a lot of plants, but I wanted to know how to actually use them affectively and make tinctures, salves, etc, that would be beneficial and work!
Wild & Free Nature I absolutely adore the Wild + Free resources, and am looking forward to building out my W+F literature collection!
Godmothers I’ve heard Lisa Bevere speak a few times, and I loved Without Rival and Adamant. This was no exception.

Reading while the girls get their 1000 Hours Outside.

What I’m currently reading: because it’s always something.
Saints I’ve honestly been reading this book since Nora was born, and it is very good. Just happens to be one I’m really taking my time through and writing notes as I go.
The Lifegiving Home Experience Why yes, it should surprise absolutely no one that I’m reading this and hoping to lead it as a small group at church eventually!
Home Education This is volume I of Charlotte Mason’s series, and lays the foundations of her educational philosophies. As both a homeschool mom & evaluator, it is important to understand the foundations so that you can apply them well!
The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs I started reading this last summer, and it has become my “mountains read,” for when we escape to the woods! I’ve often been able to observe and apply when I’m reading immediately which is so cool.

The TBR List:
M is for Mama
Master Recipes from the Herbal Apothecary
The Lifegiving Table
Outdoor Kids in an Inside World
Mama Bear Apologetics
Life in a Medieval Village

Research books for my classes.

There’s a REALY good chance that I am missing some. I will have to finish reading through all of the literature that I will be teaching this coming school year: Jane Eyre, Canterbury Tales, King Arthur, Brave New World, Wuthering Heights… It obviously does not include all of the cool new children’s lit books we’ve also been reading! As we are *preparing to hopefully* move, much of my library has been packed. It’s a blessing and a curse if we’re honest. It’s forced me to hit that TBR pile instead of rereading favorites.

What are you reading right now?
What’s on your TBR list!?

Comment below! I’ve found so many great books the last 6 months from friendly recommendations.

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