Easter Baskets 2022

In case you were unaware, I love a good theme! Whether it be for parties or gifts, I like to base them off of a central idea. It helps keep me focused because I have the gift, and problem, of gift giving.

This year for the girls’ Easter Baskets, I wanted to do a W+F/1000 Hours Outside Basket. Which essentially means, since we’ll be spending a LOT of time outside this year, we needed/wanted some goodies. This is also different from a few years ago when we hooked the girls up with all kinds of outdoor toys and activities, as these items are for adventuring verses things like our soccer goals.

W+F and 1000 Hours Outside have been incredible resources for me the last year. They are packed with ideas to keep littles engaged and excited to be outside. It’s very easy to walk outside and think, “ok, now what?” And thus, our Easter Baskets have been born.

Sunprint Paper– This stuff is so cool. Basically, you place an object on the special paper. A leaf, a rock, a flower; whatever. You let it lay in the sun. Rinse the paper off with water. Let it dry. There is a chemical reaction that takes place that leaves the imprint of what you placed on it. It’s super cool. It wasn’t very expensive. I’m already seeing a whole journal of Sunprint Paper art in our future.

Stickers– Nothing says you’re a solid 90s kid like a good sticker collection. The girls have been adding to their water bottles and when I saw the 1000 Hours Outside Stickers of course I had to get a pack. And with 3, I get one to add to my collection too!

Bentgo Boxes– I’ve more recently discovered that I do not want to lug around everyone’s stuff. After almost 5 years, I am over it. With the exception of a few items of course. The girls each have their own backpack, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get them their own Bentgo Boxes for snacks and lunch for when we are out adventuring.

Binoculars– While up at the mountains last year, Athena discovered my father-in-law’s binoculars. She LOVES to look through them and play with them. As we are spending more time in nature and identifying animals, birds, and plants, it was well worth it to get her a *cheap* pair of her own to beat up.

Candy– We do not do a whole lot of candy around here BUT, we do love peanut butter. And Reese’s Pieces are a bit of a weakness. So I got each of the girls a Reese’s Pieces Carrot. The flip side of this is, my mother-in-law does a giant platter of candy every Easter. I, being an “experience is learning” kind of mom, let the girls eat as much as they want. After the first year, Athena learned NOT to eat 52 pieces of candy or you get a tummy ache. In subsequent years she has managed to control herself.

Books- It should come as absolutely NO surprise that I included a pile of books in this year’s baskets. Outside of the fact that the girls absolutely love reading, I happened to hit a solid book sale. We’ve already been reading a few, but the ones below I kept for our Easter Baskets. A few weeks ago on our trip to Hershey Gardens, when we stopped for our lunch break we actually read From Caterpillar to Butterfly with our friends, and it was the perfect intro before walking through the Butterfly Atrium. I am looking forward to incorporating more reading in to our adventure pauses.
Katie and the Waterlily Pond
What’s In Your Pocket?
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots

You can check out some of our previous Easter Basket ideas at:
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Happy Easter my friends!

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