Summer Reading Challenge

As I have been thinking about the books I NEED to read and WANT to read, and the books that slowly keep creeping through the mail, I knew I needed to make a decision. Intentionality. Discipline. And a goal. I NEED to read. I WANT to read. Reading is as ingrained in my DNA as the color of my eyes. In the last few years of motherhood, reading has often taken a back seat. I for real went at least 1 year without actually reading a book. Then, I conceded to reading Kindle/digital books on my phone because it’s what I could manage 1 handed nursing a baby. THEN I got into listening to books, because again, it’s what I could manage while doing the dishes and getting things done. Do moms actually get to sit down ever in the little years?

BUT FINALLY. I am no longer nursing. The girls are both fairly sufficient, and mostly need me for supervision while being outside. Since the weather has broken here in PA, we have been averaging 20hrs or more a week, outside. Though I have spent plenty of that time actively gardening and working, I have spent plenty of it sitting and getting other work done. I did also start reading/listening to Hamlet for my summer class to. A few weeks ago, a decision was born.

I am going to read 2 books a week all summer.

And some of you might think that is wild, radical even. However, my parents can attest that I used to read A BOOK A DAY with ease. So 2 is a real step down for me. And by read, I mean hard copy, real books, in my hand. I walked through the house collecting my first 12 in under 10 minutes.

As I am teaching a full year Shakespeare class in the fall and we are reading 6 plays, I am going to read a play a week for my first 6. I then have a collection of other books I’ve been hoarding and dying to read that have been at the top of my TBR-
The Lifegiving Table– Sally Clarkson
Different– Sally & Nathan Clarkson
Sensing God– Joel Clarkson
How Did I Get Here?– Christine Caine
Giving Your Words– Sally & Clay Clarkson
Tea Time Discipleship– Sally Clarkson

Of course there are a few other trickling books that were on my original TBR 2023 List, and I know that a few others will be joining the list later in the summer like Steven Rinella’s Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars.

What’s on your reading list for the summer?

Download a summer reading challenge tracker or share the instagram story template- don’t forget to tag me @thenurturedbee!

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