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Shine On Shine Bins

Earlier this summer I discovered Shine Bins. I had been on the hunt for a pre-made sensory bin place for a while. I love sensory bins. I very quickly realized that more often than not, in order to provide the variations I was wanting to provide for Athena, it was going to cost way more… Continue reading Shine On Shine Bins

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Anna Vance Paper Co Planner

I'm honestly not quite sure how I came across Anna's Instagram. But somehow I did, and it's been LIFE CHANGING. Sometime over the winter, as I began looking into homeschooling, becoming an evaluator in PA, etc, I found her profile. We chatted here and there and found we had quite a bit in common. Fast… Continue reading Anna Vance Paper Co Planner

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One of the first places on your body to show age is your hands. You could have a beautiful, wrinkle free face, but if your hands start looking like tissue paper, it's a dead giveaway. As a mom I am constantly washing my hands, working in the garden, and putting my hands through the wringer.… Continue reading Hands

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Homeschooling PreK 3

I'd had plans to homeschool Athena for as long as I can remember; even before we got married I'm pretty sure. But to start with, I was excited to send her to our local Christian school for preschool. As I'd subbed there quite a bit, I knew the teachers and loved their program! When we… Continue reading Homeschooling PreK 3