Crib {fail} Training #RealLife

Athena is now nearly 3 months old. Prior to ever being pregnant, I was against co-sleeping. While being pregnant I was against co-sleeping. Even after we brought her home, as a breastfeeding mother, I was against co-sleeping. I wasn’t against co-sleeping because of some fear that she’d never leave the bed, or it was “weird,” or anything like that. I just wanted to attempt some semblance of normalcy, be able to cuddle with my husband, and enjoy not having a tiny human inside of me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Initially we tried to have her in the bassinet next to us, but she HATES sleeping on her back, and wouldn’t stay in it very long at night. As someone who has a passionate relationship with sleep, it was easier to just sleep in the chair in the nursery with her, or let her sleep in bed- and so it began.

During the day for naps, she often sleeps in her crib for hours at a time without issue. At night, we have a routine and I set the mood. Change her diaper, apply a sleepy oil blend on her back and a digestion support blend on her feet, and put on her jammies. I turn the diffuser on with relaxing oils, the soft glow of her birdie night light, a quiet worship playlist, and night night boobie. What more could she ask for!? I put the heating pad in her crib to warm it up so when I transport her there isn’t a temperature shock. Seriously, everyone should have a bedtime routine like this.

She doesn’t stay for more than 30 min before waking up. I’ll come in, pat her back, rock her a bit, try again- and it can last 30 seconds to 30 min. By try #3, Ethan is asleep, and I just WANT to sleep, so into bed we crawl.

I tried getting her to take a binki fairly early, with no success. I had the great idea the other night to suck on the binki myself to warm it, and try and slip it in after she finished eating but was still sucking to pacify. This is the following real-time conversation with my mother….

I type this as my child is smiling through her night night boobie, snuggled in with fuzzy blankie, and Selah playing quietly. In a few moments, I’ll pull the heating pad out of her crib and attempt to gracefully lay her either on her side or stomach (she rolls like a champ). I’ll quietly slip out, start the timer on my phone, and prepare to once again go through the “you’re sleeping in your own bed dance,” that I know will inevitably end with her laying on top of me again for the night.

For now, I will have blind hope that maybe, just maybe, tonight, she’ll sleep in her own crib.

Also, if anyone has any advice to help with this transition, please feel free to share. “Cry it out” for any real length of time is something I try to avoid due to sharing a wall with neighbors, otherwise- hit me with your best!

2 thoughts on “Crib {fail} Training #RealLife”

  1. Have you tried any swaddlers? Or sleep sacks? My little guy LOVED his zipadee zip, which we used until he was about 15/16 months old! He needed to feel that “hug” feeling.


    1. She HATES swaddles, sleep sacks are like torture devices. Up until the last few weeks I could barely get her in clothes. 😂 She’s about the opposite of all of that. Lol


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