Infantino Squeeze and Sweet Potatoes

Where did the last 6 months go!? I’m not quite sure, but Athena is suddenly old enough to be eating big girl food! Our first trial, sweet potatoes! I used the Infantino Squeeze Station and Fresh Baby Baby Food Trays to store them!


Peel and cube 4 sweet potatoes. These were smaller and just filled the pan. I smooshed a bit of coconut oil on the pan to help prevent sticking. I baked at 400 for about 25 min.

While the potatoes were baking, I washed and prepped the squeeze station!

After baking until the cubes were soft, I put them in our food processor. A blender would work just as well though! I then added breast milk and water until I got them pureed to the consistency I wanted.







The pouches slide and snap into the top of the squeeze station.






The filling tubes then screw onto the top of the squeeze pouches! There are fill lines. The pouches hold 4oz, and no more; so you should not fill beyond the top fill line.






I went through and filled up all of the tubes at once.




You then unscrew the filling tubes, disconnect the pouches from the loading station, and cap them! img_6150.jpg

Those 4 sweet potatoes yielded 2 freezer trays and 4 pouches.


I do believe it is safe to say, that the sweet potatoes were a success! The Infantino Squeeze Station was also GREAT! I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes to make homemade baby food. It can also be used for smoothies, yogurt, apple sauce, and other “squeeze” foods! The pouches are not re-useable, but they are freezer safe. The initial Squeeze Station Kit does come with 10 pouches/lids, and you can purchase additional pouches in counts of 50 ($16) or 100 ($30).

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