Our Favorite Kid’s Books

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of reading before bed at night with my parents. We more or less owned most of the Golden Books. I developed an obsession with reading at a very early age. I’m sure I had plenty of “stuff,” as a kid, but honestly, I have been proud of my book collections and how much I read forever.

Before I get going on my list here, you will notice classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar are missing. To be fair, in my world, that is like the “Jesus answer,” in Sunday school. Just assume that those book-shelf builders are already on the list. If you’d like to see my list, you can go HERE to the books tab! This list is in addition to…

Classic Lit A to Z: A BabyLit Alphabet Primer– Jennifer Adams 

36815237_297288607509350_4620925927600160768_nThis is our current favorite book! Using characters from our favorite classic novels, Jennifer Adams has created the best kind of Alphabet book (IMO). Jennifer Adams is also my current superhero. She has created an entire line of classic novels for babies. Anne of Green Gables, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Little Women, Les Miserables, and Pride and Prejudice, are just a few. They are all available in board books, simplified, and perfect for introducing your little to TRUE literature.

All the Ways I Love You- Susan Larkin 


This book has the cutest illustrations by Jacqueline East, with adorable animals. With only a few words on each page, it’s great for a bedtime story…especially when they ask for “just one more!”

God Gave Us… – Lisa Tawn Bergren

img_6540.jpgMaybe not officially a “baby” book, but this series is one of my personal favorites as an adult. Each God Gave Us book explains life from a Christian perspective, in a way that is understandable for littles. God Gave Us: Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, You, Two, Love, and Heaven, are just a few titles. Most feature the Polar Bear Family, with Little Cub as the main character.


5 Minute Little Critter Stories- Mercer Mayer

My brother and I grew up on the critter stories. We own most of them as individual books. My parents found this mini collection and of course had to get it for Thea as well! Our personal favorite, Just One More Pet. The sweet Critters should be a staple in every  bookshelf in every home.

img_6538.jpgDisney Princess Storybook Collection

I am a Disney Princess. I actually picked this one up at Target and it was on sale. It has 19 stories from the original Princesses and a few of the “newer” ones. These are longer stories, so I’d suggest starting your bedtime routine with one of these, or for reading during the day. They could easily be split for 2 nights as well.

5 Minute Bible Stories 


I think my favorite part of this book is the illustrations. They are simple, but colorful, and truly add to help tell the many Bible stories! The book is split in Old Testament and New Testament. Each story is a 2 page spread, has a very abridged, few sentence synopsis of the Bible story, a little “child’s” prayer, and a question you can ask to help check understanding and comprehension. As a teacher, I love those aspects, as a parent, I appreciate that they give you those little extra pieces to make the reading and learning so easy. They do also list the Bible reference so that you know the actual location of the story in the Bible. Again, very simplified and appropriate for kids. It’s listed for ages 3-6, but is it really ever too early to start teaching these stories?

NOW, because I am a teacher, here are some facts to prove that reading to and with your children DOES make a difference and how important it really is! I believe that these stats are if you read with your school-aged child, kindergarten to 6th grade. Can you imagine the difference if you start before they’re even 1 year old!?




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