Doterra Baby Collection

Though dōTERRA oils are perfectly safe (when properly diluted) for the whole family, those with tiny humans rejoiced when they started dropping tid-bits about a coming baby line. It was released 23rd May, and was quickly sold out. However, they are bringing it back permanently in August! Below you will find my recorded reaction, however, more info is down below…





33093513_10215473573969490_9090934680173150208_nInitial observations: the packaging is adorable! The box is sturdy enough, and cute enough, to actually use in the nursery as storage!

The bottles of wash, lotion, and diaper cream are all a decent size (YAY!).

They smelled soooo good just in the bottles! They all contain lavender, vanilla, and Roman Chamomile, but other ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil obviously add to the sweet, relaxing scent as well!

Athena had just gotten a bath on Thursday and thus I was not planning on giving her a bath so soon. She, however, had a bit of an upset tummy from being off schedule the day before, and after loosing most of what she was eating, needed a bath.

33130353_10215473708492853_786744356865310720_nThe baby bath is a foam which makes for easy use. One of the first things that I noticed  was that it is a soft soap.  You can actually feel the shea butter in the soap- it reminded me of Lush’s Butterball Bath Bomb, my personal favorite. It is not super sudsy and bubbly, a sign that it lacks artificial or harmful chemicals that typically make most soaps sudsy. It still smelled just as good being used as it did in the bottle, which was nice considering what my child smelled like before her bath.


The lotion also contains lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Vanilla, just as the soap. It also has coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This part of the trio smelled amazing, wasn’t greasy, absorbed quickly, and left her skin…well…baby soft!


Thankfully we haven’t had to use the diaper cream too often, but I have smeared it on a few times when I’ve noticed a bit of redness as a preventative. It is nice and thick, so thick in fact that I struggle to get it out of the tube. This is my one and only complaint of the whole set; one that I’ve seen others mention as well; and the one thing I hope they manage to fix with the re-release.

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