Richmond, VA

Richmond was a great place to visit and I wish we’d had more time.

For our stay, we chose to do an AirBNB. I was able to snag a fabulous apartment in the art district, just a short ride from the wedding/reception venue. This fully renovated apartment had everything we needed to make our long weekend comfortable with an infant. Ethan was in LOVE with having a king sized bed. The newly updated kitchen had basic utensils, bowls, plates, and glasses. Even with spending $50 at Food Lion for groceries, we saved money compared to a hotel. The giant windows in the master looked out over the main street and the theater. It was perfect! For $40 off your own AirBNB adventure follow THIS LINK!

For dinner Friday night, we ventured across the street to Comfort. We were fairly excited to try this place out! Even better it was across the street. When we walked in, the smell was amazing! Sadly, the hostess was not as welcoming. We were there with our Thea, and when she initially went to sit us at a very small, 2 person table, I asked her for a booth. Instead of being understanding of our situation, she made a face and said, “we usually only use those for larger parties.” and stared at me a moment like I would change my request, before flouncing back to the front. She then walked us to the very last booth in the back corner. By the way, I’m not sure what “large parties” she was referring to because the booths could hold 4 normal sized people tops. Being in the corner also meant we got to experience 0 of the charming atmosphere the restaurant did have.

Our waiter brought us a tiny basket with a cut of corn bread for each of us. I’m 99.9% certain this is pre-cut and chilled, as the bread was cold and a Sahara Desert-dry. The food came out in a completely reasonable amount of time. My husband got the meatloaf with Mac n cheese and fried okra. I got the roasted chicken with Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. We both agreed that the Mac n cheese was fantastic! We were both very pleased with our respective sides of mashed potatoes and fried okra as well! Epitome of comfort food! The meatloaf had great flavor, but an over-mixed consistency. The chicken was flavorful with the lemon/sage sauce, and perfectly juicy. My only wish is that they had broiled the chicken, as the layer of skin was a rubbery blob.

Honestly, I’m not sure we’d ever go back. I’m not certain I’d necessarily recommend it, but it was ok.

On Saturday, my friend Katie and her boyfriend Josh came up from Virginia Beach for a visit! Ethan made us brunch and we hung out in our cozy little apartment. By mid-afternoon we needed a snack, and Charm School Ice Cream was on the list!

Charm School was exactly that- Charming and delightful! I’d read the reviews and being that it was a short walking distance, knew it was a must! We walked down the street paroozing the different shops along the way. When you walk in, there are giant, book wall clings, book shelf wallpaper, maps, and more school paraphernalia adorning the shop. We each got a different ice cream. The atmosphere is perfect, but I’m an English teacher! I got the root beer ice cream, and as expected, it tasted just like a rootbeer float. Ah-mazing. My husband got Cereal Milk that tasted exactly like Captain Crunch, and Golden Milk. We could not have been happier with our experience. Even the little one got in on the action! If you’re in Richmond and have a hankering for ice cream, I HIGHLY recommend you stop here!

Monday morning, instead of dirtying up the dishes and kitchen we had just cleaned, we decided to grab breakfast from the cafe across the street- Lift. Ethan picked us up a large red-eye, a large coffee, and a bagel with cream cheese. My bagel was super fresh, and soft with the perfect amount of cream cheese. We both loved the coffee, but didn’t start drinking until we were already traveling, and thus didn’t get a bag to bring home. I’m disappointed we didn’t go earlier, and thus enjoy the goodness throughout our stay instead of just on our way out. The prices were also super reasonable.

Overall, we had a great time down in Richmond, with the highlights obviously being getting to visit and see friends! Clearly, someone was living her best life while we were down there too!

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