5 Ways to Use a Cutie Holder

When I got my first Cutie Holder I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. Now, I honestly want them in every single color. It’s a problem. Do I need every color? No, but I mean…they ARE handy. Here are 5 ways we use our Cutie Holders…

1. Car cup holder- Athena’s water bottle doesn’t fit in the cup holder of her car seat. I removed the headrest of the passenger seat, looped on the holder, and that’s it. We also hook on her sunglasses so we always know where they are.

2. Extra stroller space- I think this is likely the most common way to use the holder. The stroller basically doesn’t fit anything. So a water bottle goes in the cutie holder.

3. My side of the bed houses oils & 2957255 burp cloths and baby things. I was constantly misplacing my phone and glasses in the chaos. I attached a command hook to my side case and now I’m not losing my phone or glasses.

4. Shower organization- this one is a little ahead of its time for us but I’m a planner. With having holes in the bottom, it’s perfect to keep the girls’ individual shampoos and such.

5. Hair tie organization- we have 2 girls. And if that isn’t enough, we also have a Cutie Band addiction. They’re generally the only kind of hair tie we use. I use a holder in their room so that I can always find a hair tie; not to be confused with all of our headbands and bows.

How do you use your Cutie Holders?

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