The Nurtured Bee Preschool Curriculum

Well it is finally here!

After hours of reading Charlotte Mason, scouring Pinterest for coordinating crafts & activities, hours of typing and hyper-linking, meetings with Ella to make everything look absolutely PERFECT…we are ready!

How I wrote most of the curriculum the last few weeks.

You can now purchase The Nurtured Bee Preschool Curriculum right here!

What the full curriculum includes:

  • An outline of our morning time
  • Letters, Verses, & Hymns for 26 weeks (to be repeated twice for 52wks)
  • An over-view of each month and its themes
  • Linked general supplies list to make prep quick and easy!
  • Sample schedule of our week/days
  • A list of activities for each month, with supplies needed. Each activity is also hyper-linked to a completed example.
  • A Field Trip Tracker Sheet
  • A Book List Sheet
  • 24 additional practice sheets- ABCs, Shapes, Colors, & Tracing! My favorite way to use these is slip them into sheet protectors and use erase markers to reuse over and over!

This DIGITAL download allows you to access the curriculum immediately after purchase. Print it, have it bound, hole punch it for a binder- the flexibility and uses are totally up to you!

You can purchase the curriculum here for $15 or on TpT for $20. The price is higher on TpT due to additional fees, but if you have credit for TpT I wanted you to have that option. 10% of each purchase also goes towards the Greenlight Operation Restoration Home. 

This has been a true labor of love and I am tickled pink to finally release it out into the world. I can not wait to see where it travels to. I pray that every curriculum blesses each and every family in a unique and fun way. I pray that it instills a sense of adventure, wonder, and love of learning.

I’m so thankful to have not 1, but 2, “whys.”
They remind me that just as I tell them they can be anything they want to be, that the same goes for me. How can I encourage them to be bold and brave if I don’t model it myself?

If you purchase and use this curriculum, please share it on social media! Tag me in pictures, videos, & stories @TheNurturedBee and use the hashtag #TNBPreK on Insta and Facebook. Whatever reason you have chosen to do Preschool with your child, allow yourself the grace and flexibility to have fun! Modify as you need to. Skip days or even weeks as you need to! Use this time to allow your child to explore, and for you to trial-by-error to figure out what also works for you and your family!

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