December in Review

We almost caught a White Christmas this year! But alas, the snow was more or less gone by Christmas. Ethan happened to have off the day of the storm so he was able to go out and play with her. Eleanor even got bundled up to experience her first snow! I’m super thankful that we did so much work to the deck this year because I was able to dress Athena and let her go out and play, safely, while doing things like getting dinner ready. Even she was accepting of the arrangement, considering her usual disdain for confinement. We did, however, have some flurries throughout Christmas day!

We set up our Christmas tree and this year I had help. We have a 6ft tree however I only use the top 2 portions. It fits perfectly in our bay window away from rogue cats and tiny humans. Complete with hot chocolate and our Christmas playlist if course!

Is it really Christmas if you don’t make cookies? Especially gingerbread! As a bonus, cookie making counts as school! We even watched a documentary about the history of gingerbread. We had a blast breaking in our new table, custom made by my dad. Which, in case you were unaware, he’s more or less a real life Ron Swanson. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t make…obviously to my personal benefit.

Ethan helped me get some Christmas pictures of Eleanor done. When Athena was 1, I did a little photoshoot in her red onesie and white Christmas light. Eleanor, at almost 5m is wearing 12m clothes. I wasn’t going to be able to wait til next Christmas so we did them this year!

Athena turned 3 this year and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I wrote a post about her party here. This drama llama had a blast with all of her people and I’m so thankful for everyone who does so much to love on her and support us along the way.

So to 2020, we say fair well. We are thankful that even through the insanity of the year, it’s treated us well. We welcomed the sweetest little family member, and said goodbye to a man who meant the world to us.

We counted critters and blooms in our gardens, learned our ABCs and counting. We learned to use our voice, literally and figuratively. We grew in love. We grew in joy. We grew in hope. We grew in faith.

So many were rushing for 2020 to be over, and though there’s a lot I wish were different about the year, I can confidently say, there was so much beauty, so much learned & discovered, in no way was it a year lost.

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