Toddler Bible Time

Part of homeschooling for us, includes Bible Time. I use this term loosely but stick with me.

First, we are hitting the age where she is really learning songs and latching on to them. Not only does she ask for “Bible So” but when she plays with her animals and puts them to bed, she sings her own rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” to them and my little heart explodes. Every week we have a hymn that is our focus, but I usually just play the whole playlist of classic hymns.

As we have been attending a church with a running children’s program, Athena asks to go to church nearly every day of the week. A real testament to our children’s pastor, but also means I want to make sure she is getting “fed,” even when we aren’t at church.

Often, we try and make learning the Bible too complicated or way too easy. I like to think I have managed to find some semblance of happy medium with how we’ve been working on learning our Bible.

Bible Stories: we have this Bible that gives a very brief overview of stories in the Old & New Testaments. I like that each one comes with a conversation question and a little prayer. We’re not quite at a point to do the question but she does say the prayer! We did also get her a VeggieTales Bible. There is no shame in our Veg game.

Kids Read Truth Flash cards were part of my original plans! Each letter has a coordinating Bible Verse. Each week we have a new letter and new memory verse. I don’t expect her to actually really memorize verses. At this point, it is about exposure and more about the letter for us!

Kids Read Truth People of the New Testament & Old Testament! Each card gives the Bible reference of the person in the Bible, a short description of the person, conversation question, mini prayer, and even a craft activity! Right now we just read the description and prayer. Mostly because of attention span.

Tiny Theologians ABC Cards and they are beautiful! The 3 sets include: “ABCs of Theology, ABC Names of God, ABCs Attributes of God.” I coordinate the letter of the week with the KRT Letter/Bible Verse card. At 3, a lot of the words are a little above her head, so I’m judicial with which words we go over from the various sets. Again, more for exposure to the letter than the content of the cards.

This may sound like a lot, but we do not do it all at one time, or even every day. Our Alphabet Flash Card, and a person of the Bible, is daily with morning board. I usually play our hymns list throughout the day. The rest is all very flexible and as the Spirit moves us, so to speak. There is no pressure to memorize or even fully comprehend. We are just working on exposure and building up our routines.

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