Favorite Things-Baby Pt 2

Last week I posted my first 5 Favorite Things- Baby and promised a part 2. Well, here it is! Whale rinser, Gerber cloth diapers, Solly Baby Wrap, Target’s Plush Blanket, and Back Pack Diaper Bag.

Whale Rinser

This is up there with the bum spatula. We allllll survived having cups of water dumped on our heads, but hear me out. The rinser has a soft, curved, rubber lip that you rest on your kid’s forehead. This keeps water from getting in their face. The whale has a flat

Gimli, the ever present protector and bath watcher.

bottom, and if you look closely you can see little channels inside. This spreads the water across the width of the whale, instead of 1 point, like you get with a cup. What does that mean? It means more of your child’s head gets rinsed with 1 dump of water than it would with a cup- it covers more surface. Efficiency at its finest! It’s also super cute and under $10.

Gerber Cloth Diapers

If you read my last post, I raved about Honest Company diapers, so you’re probably confused as to why I have cloth diapers here on the second part of my list. Well, I don’t use Gerber cloth diapers as diapers. True story, I don’t think there is anything on the market that makes a better burp cloth than these things! I have 20 floating around the house, the diaper bag, and the laundry. They’re white so they can be bleached if needed, 100% cotton, the perfect size, and it’s less than $13 for 10. Not to mention wicked absorbent. If you get these for yourself, or for a new mom, they won’t be disappointed!

Solly Baby Wrap

There are so many baby wraps and slings on the market. I went with the Solly for a few reasons. One of them is that it is made in the USA! I love that it wraps over both shoulders for extra support and stability. It’s super soft, with a little stretch, but I don’t

Baby Gimli trying out the wrap before the human baby arrived!

feel like she’s going to fall out. I wore her in the wrap to go to Shady Maple for my birthday and all of the Mennonite women just thought it was the coolest thing! I could barely get through my breakfast because they kept stopping to say “Hi” and comment on how happy and content she was all cuddled up in the wrap.

Mommy’s birthday breakfast!

The wraps come in 2 length options. I have 1 of each, and the shorter one fits both Ethan and I. It is super easy to use, and the baby is definitely fully supported when she’s in it. Gimli was also fully supported and enjoyed his time in the wrap as the first tester. I do everything from cooking dinner (very carefully and without getting her close to hot things!), emptying the dishwasher, switching around laundry- ya know: MOM STUFF, with her in it. She frequently falls asleep while I’m going about my business getting things done. The color options and patterns are also fabulous! Pictured is Clay, however I also have one in Mulberry and it is STUNNING! These beauties are super easy to wash, and are super great quality!

Plush Baby Blanket

This blanket was not originally going to be part of my list. As I was finishing writing this post, I realized I ordered another one of these blankets last week, bringing our grand total to 3. Having 3 of the same product because you love it so much should mean it gets a spot on my “favorite things” list. Ethan originally picked the gray/white arrow blanket on one of our last Target runs before Athena made her debut. It matched the nursery, with a name like Athena, the arrows are appropriate. Ok, what ever-it’s just another blanket. It VERY quickly became our favorite blankie. I was constantly having to wash it due to baby fluids of some sort or another.

Before she was a month old, my mom got us our second one with the blue fuzz and mountains. We’ve more or less been on constant rotation ever since. WELL, as I was perusing the Target app (as I tend to do while nursing), I came across the purple one! It is almost the exact same color as her nursery walls and was just too perfect to pass up, so blankie #3 was ordered. Having a winter baby, these blankets could not be any more perfect. They are SO soft and fuzzy, they are the perfect size for cuddling, tucking into the car seat, napping, playing… If you see my child, there is a VERY good chance if this blanket is not on her person, it is very, very close by. For just under $15, it has fantastic quality even after having been washed at leas 30 times already. They come in a wide array of colors and prints. The crazy person that I am would like to collect them all- is there really such thing as too many blankies?

Baby Diaper Back Pack with Stroller Straps

This backpack was part of Ethan’s Christmas- the “Dad Bag.” I put in some dad themed gifts and movies. I more or less used it as a glorified gift bag. He got it early so that he could use it to pack some of his stuff for the hospital and her arrival as well. Since coming home from the hospital, this has become our main diaper bag. I got a pretty, girlie one, and it’s made a great toiletries bag for traveling. We packed this up, and haven’t looked back. What makes this backpack so great?

  1. It has stroller straps!

  2. There are SO many pockets- there are 4 just on the outside (1 on each side) There are a total of 15 pockets inside and out. YES 15!!!
  3. It opens WIDE and square like an old school doctor’s bag, so you can really see what’s inside and pack it well.
  4. I can’t say enough about the quality. The inside is all wipeable, the outside is nice heavy duty nylon, super sturdy stitching, and the leather handle is a nice touch.
  5. As with most diaper bags, it does come with a changing pad as well.

There you have it! My part 2 of favorite baby things! Not all of them are make or break in the world of raising a child, but they sure do make the day-to-day things a little easier, and maybe even a little snugglier?

*I get absolutely NOTHING out of reviewing or suggesting these items. Seriously, I legitimately just really enjoy all of these items and wanted to tell the world.*

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